Sarah Palin…dumbass of the year award!

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Okay, so folks this is great. Many thanks to adennak.com for coming up with this awesome way to showcase Sarah Palin as a dumbass.

Sarah Palin Dumbass

I think most folks would agree that Palin really did dodge many of the questions…or rather twist her response to talk about the things she knows…ie being a hockey mom and hanging out with Joe 6-pack!

So ultimately yeah Sarah Palin is dumb…but I ask, is America okay with this? Sadly, I think that the general voters are more concerned about connecting with someone that they can relate to…rather then electing a leader. I’m going to say that the independent voters are going to look at the Palin v. Biden debate and see that Sarah was very good on TV (she was a TV sports reporter before) and of course the republicans are going to vote for her no matter what happens (which I think is really lame…but that’s what the 2 party system is all about)

So here is my prediction for how the election turns out. If every ’supporter’ of Obama voted then Obama wins hands down…no question. But…let’s look at who votes:

1. only 35% of the population that is eligible to vote does.
2. Of that 35% old rich white landowners make up the majority of voters.
3. The election is the 1st tuesday in november, across much of the USA there is cold bitter wet weather , which I think would deter poor people more then the rich.
4. Lines at the polls, the past has shown very large lines at the poles, especially in poorer areas.
5. Obama is ahead in the polls, so why vote…we know he’s going to win anyway.

So my prediction is that McCain wins because his supporters vote…period. Let me also ask this question: If its 45 degrees and raining outside on election day and there is a 2 hour line to vote…who is more likely to vote, the rich republican Hockey Mom (that thinks that McCain is down in the polls and he REALLY needs the vote) or the lower income person that thinks Obama is already going to win and has 3 kids to drag along or get a babysitter?

Okay its a pretty skewed question and I’m not trying to suggest that the lines are so black and white of rich white = McCain and poor black = Obama…but let’s call a spade a spade here…a recent poll showed that 95% of blacks are voting for Obama…when 50% of whites are voting for McCain…so how can someone say that race doesn’t matter…

Anyway, in conclusion…Sarah Palin is a dumbass!

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Dumbass Quote
"I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version." -Colonel Oliver North, from his Iran-Contra testimony.
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