Top 5 Dumbass Video Moments!

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Hey Dumbass.com supporters!

So, I’m sick of beating up public officials (for a little bit)…I mean they are people just like you and I…so I’m turning over a new leaf and want to showcase some videos that are hilarious and filled with dumbass folks! Don’t worry though, I’m sure I’ll be back to my old ways of picking on public figures ;)

I’ll go ahead and comment after each video…in hopes of entertaining you with witty comments…I’ll try my best, but don’t expect much :-p

#5 Douchebag on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

I just love how he’s so proud that he’s been up all night…mmm the arogance! An oldy but goody…I can just see the producers thinking that this kid represents all the ‘perfect’ kids from private schools on the east coast…god they are so lame and unoriginal…

#4 Miss Teen South Carolina

okay…u know I just had to, so overplayed during a slow news week…if you haven’t seen this…welcome to planet earth. She is so cute, its a shame that she is so dumb…so is the way of the world, women with great beauty hardly need to exercise their brains…

#3 Air Guitar Hero Dumbass

omfg, this guy is a real bag o dumbass…he tells us about this shit ‘air guitar’ system with a whole 10 songs (um 5 are licensed songs that are u know…mmm-kay) ..the others are crap songs u never heard. So for 30 bones u get like the 1st 30 seconds of 5 songs…wtf? Man he must get all the ladies…well at least old Miss Teen South Carolina ;)

#2 Get off our island (for making fun of guidos)

this video is awesome, its about 5 minutes so have some patience. The whole idea is to make fun of all the guidos with there popped collars, orange tans and blow’d out hair…dumbasses!

#1….hmm, come back soon…still working on this…wanna suggest one? email lanzera08 at gmail.com

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"The only people that have contributed to my campaigns [for Senate] are individual Americans. Now are some of those individual Americas lobbyists? Yeah, sure." -- John Kerry, responding to Dean's criticisms, 2/01/04.
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